Ways to Get Bigger and Fuller Erections

The most important thing to be a great lover is to the ability to get a rock solid erection coupled with your ability to hold for a long enough period of time so that your woman can get enough satisfaction and pleasure during intercourse. Unfortunately, a lot of men either get weak or soft erections or are not able to hold back from ejaculating for enough time. Both weak erections and lack of ejaculatory strength can put you in a tight spot and even take a toll on your relationship.

However, you need not lose hope.

ED or erectile dysfunction can often be corrected with little changes in your diet as well as lifestyle.

Here are some important factors to take care of to ensure rock solid erections:

Ways to Get Bigger and Fuller Erections

1. Take Care Of Your Testosterone Levels

First and foremost, you need to take care of your testosterone levels. Without enough testosterone in your body, you are not likely to get rigid erections. Testosterone happens to the hormone behind your sexual virility. Unfortunately, there are a couple of factors that can lower your T-levels. Some of these include chronic stress, excess body fat and weight, lack of exercise or physical activity, alcohol abuse, drug abuse etc. Not just this, advancing age can also take a toll on your testosterone levels.

A drop in your T can lead to a diminishing sex drive and weak erections.

Here are simple and easy ways to ensure optimum testosterone production in your body:

  • Regular exercise is important to ensure proper testosterone levels in your body. Strength training happens to be the best option here. Weight training not only stimulates testosterone production but also helps burn excess fat in your body. Studies have shown that strength or resistance training is more effective at burning body fat as compared to cardio. Getting rid of excess fat helps boost testosterone levels since it prevents testosterone from converting into the female hormone estrogen.
  • Secondly, enough rest is also important. Most men like you and me work day and night to make money so that we can meet our expenses. This can often make you sleep deprived. Most men do not understand this but lack of sleep is one of the underlying factors of low testosterone in men. So, get enough sleep by hitting the bed early at night. As a rule of thumb, you must get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Switch off your cell phone when you hit the sack so that you can sleep peacefully.
  • Try Yoga – Yoga is a great exercise form to help relax both your body and mind. By limiting stress, it can act as a great testosterone and libido booster for men.
Boost Blood Flow to the Penis

Another important factor that affects your erections is enough blood flow to the penis. Lack of blood flow is another major factor that leads to limp erections. More blood flowing into your penis can help you get bigger, fuller and harder erections.

In order to enhance blood flow to your penis, exercise happens to be the best course of action. Regular exercise not only increases blood flow throughout your body, including your penis but also keeps your arteries clear of fat deposits that are known for inhibiting blood flow.

Squats and lunges are some of the exercises that are excellent for increasing blood flow to the lower body and hence they can be a great way to boost blood flow to your penis and testicles.

Your erections depend upon the flow of blood to the penis. The more blood flows into the erectile tissue, the bigger and harder erections you get.

Certain foods like ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper etc. are quite effective at increasing blood flow to your penis. You must try to include them in your diet.

Certain fruits like pomegranate also help increase blood circulation to the penis by increasing nitric oxide synthesis in your body.

Natural Penis Pills

One of the best and most certain ways to get rock solid and harder erections is with the help of natural or herbal penis pills. Male Extra is one of the highly acclaimed brans when it comes to male enhancement. This pill is the only when that contains highly potent pomegranate ellagic acid as an ingredient combined with l-arginine and other ingredients like zinc, cordyceps, niacin etc. to ensure faster and better results.

It has no side effects. However, it is a daily supplement and you must have it for at least 3-6 months to get the best results. User reviews are extremely positive and you do not need a prescription to buy it online.

Ways to Get Bigger and Fuller Erections
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Ways to Get Bigger and Fuller Erections
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