Low Sperm Count Causes

A lot of men suffer with infertility. It’s not always the woman that has a problem. Male infertility is growing rapidly and there can be a number of causes behind low sperm count among men. Here are some of such causes:

1. Age – One of the most common causes of infertility and low sperm count in men is age. As you get older and cross the age of 40, your testosterone begins plunging and this leads to a drop in sperm count. Not just this, a drop in testosterone levels also leads to low semen volume.

2. Stress – Chronic stress is something that can lead to serious complications in your body. It not only affects your state of mind but also take a toll on a lot of other body faculties. It’s a known fact that stress can lead to erectile dysfunction in men. But this is not all!

It can lower your testosterone levels too and bear a negative impact on your semen volume as well as sperm count. However, the good thing is that you can control this damage through stress management. Exercise is one of the best ways to beat stress. Not just this, you can also practice yoga or tai chi to develop better emotional control. Both yoga and tai chi are excellent exercise forms that can help you manage stress. They can also help you learn better breath control which helps a great deal in making you last longer in bed.

3. Testicle Overheating – KEEP YOUR BALLS COOL!

If you want to increase your fertility make sure that you keep your balls cool. Anything that leads to overheating of testicles can result in low sperm count. Avoid wearing tight underpants or tight jeans. Lose boxers are a better options as compared to tight underpants. Not just this, you must also avoid sauna baths or hot baths. A cool shower is a better option.

Moreover, you must also avoid keeping the laptop in your lap for long hours. The heat generated from the laptop can lead to overheating of your testicles. Try to put it on a table before you work on it.

4. Substance Abuse – This is yet another cause of low sperm count in men. Drugs such as cocaine, marijuana etc. can create havoc within your body and affect your entire system. It can lower sperm count as well as lead to impotence. In such a case, it’s best to avoid drugs.

5. Excessive Smoking – What a lot of guys are not aware of is that with every cigarette you are exposing your body and the entire internal system to more than 2000 toxins and some of them can be really harsh to your sperm and semen. If you want to boost your sperm count its best to quit smoking.

6. Malnutrition – Your body needs a whole lot of minerals and vitamins in order to produce enough sperm. Deficiency of zinc, vitamin C, selenium, zinc and folate, magnesium can all take a toll on your sperm count. Make sure that you get enough of these minerals from your diet.

How to Boost Fertility in Men

It all begins with your diet. You must make sure that you are consuming the right kind of foods that are rich in zinc, selenium and other minerals that your body needs to produce testosterone and semen. Better lifestyle is also important. Managing stress and working out daily are some of the things that can go a long way in improving your sexual as well as reproductive health.

In addition to this, you can also try natural semen supplements such as Volume Pills to give your body a much needed boost. It’s formulated with some of the finest and proven herbs that slowly work within your body to boost both your semen production and testosterone. Volume Pills are also great for enhancing blood flow to the penis so that you can get rock solid and longer lasting erections. For best results, you must try these pills for at least 6-12 months. There are no side effects and they do not even require a prescription. More importantly, actual user reviews are simply amazing for this brand.

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