How To Maintain Rock Solid Erections

Do you find it hard to get or maintain a rock solid erection?

Trust me, you are not the only man experiencing ED. Erectile dysfunction is more common than you can even think of. As a matter of fact, every man faces problems with his erections sooner or later in life. That being said, ED can put you under a lot of stress and is enough to give you nightmares. ED, at a younger age can be a soul-destroying experience for most guys.

However, it’s certainly not the end of the road for most men.

One of the options is to use drugs like Viagra, Cialis etc. However, they come with a danger tag and most never be consumed without consulting a doctor. The side effects can be deadly especially if you have a heart condition. Men who are not medicines that contain nitrates are advised not to take Viagra.

Some of the most common side effects of such drugs include headache, dry mouth, nausea, vision and hearing changes and even strokes that can prove fatal.

How to Get and Maintain a Hard Erection Naturally

A couple of herbs are well known to have helped men improve their sexual performances by enhancing the rigidity of their erections. Such herbs are known to work by enhancing both blood flow and testosterone production in the body.

In order to get and maintain a rock solid erections its important to have good flow to the penis. Not just this, your testosterone production should also be at an optimum level. Lack of blood flow to the penis and low testosterone levels are some of the root causes of ED in men.

Herbs such as ginkgo biloba, and ginseng work to help boost blood flow to the penis. Tribulus Terrestris and long jack are some excellent testosterone boosting herbs.

Certain herbs have been used since centuries not just to enhance sexual desires in men but also to correct erectile dysfunction. Such herbs work upon your blood flow and testosterone production.

Both of these are extremely crucial factors as far as healthy sexual function in men is concerned. Yet another important thing is nitric oxide production. This is a sex chemical that your body produces when you get sexually aroused. Its main function is the help smooth muscles in your penis relax so that blood vessels that supply blood to the penis can dilate or expand resulting in increased blood flow to the penis, making your shaft hard and rigid.

Unfortunately, nitric oxide secretion in the body also declines with age, much like testosterone production and blood flow. One of the best ways to boost nitric oxide secretion is with the help of herbs like horny goat weed or ginkgo biloba. Pomegranate ellagic acid is another excellent nitric oxide booster.

It’s a highly potent ingredient which when combined with l-arginine can help boost sexual potency in men.

This is what Male Extra is all about. It combines a powerful dose of both pomegranate ellagic acid and l-arginine to ensure rock solid erections. It also consists of other powerful ingredients such as zinc, cordyceps, l-methionine and niacin to ensure quick results.

Male Extra can help you get powerful erections within seconds without the side effects of prescription drugs. However, it works slowly within the body and you need to have it for at least 6 months to get the best results. This brand has been around for almost a decade now and many a men like you have been able to get amazing results with it.

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